On Ice Power Skating
For Hockey Players!


"Thank you Laura.
While all is said and done here in Anchorage, I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed working with you. Thanks for all your help through the years."
Rob Murray
Head Coach, Alaska Aces
March, 2017

Scott Niedermayer won the Skills competition for Speed

At the 2004 All Star Hockey Weekend, Scott Niedermayer won the Skills competition for Speed. Mrs. Niedermayer, mother of speedsters Scott and Rob, told interviewers that she intentionally chose power skating classes for her sons when other players attended regular hockey camps. Laura taught Scott and Rob for several years when they attended Okanagan Hockey Schools, Penticton, BC.

"Brock missed the first portion of Sunday's camp due to a game, but he was able to use what he learned from Friday & Saturday. Brock used his new stride to create a breakaway and win a 1v1 that resulted in him scoring. Prior to camp Brock would've been caught from behind. Brock was excited to share his game success with his camp coaches and he thanked them for helping him improve his stride! "
Bill W. West Dundee IL 2022

"As a level 3 USA hockey coach I would want every parent who has a player to attend this clinic. As a coach I get to spend 15-20 minutes once a week trying to quickly do skating before parents get mad at me for not “teaching” hockey. This was the best 6 hours of ice time my boys have ever had, Thank you Dave and Tess!! "
Randy D. Fort Collins CO 2019

"Each technique was broken down to it's simplest aspect enforcing form first. As the drills evolve, slowly adding each additional layer, the staff immediately fixes any bad habits that may slow the skaters progression. I've seen few coaches who understand that if a kid performs a drill wrong, without being corrected, the kid will forever know they are doing it right. Muscle memory can be a nightmare to rewire, and this is the most efficient, positive way I've ever seen it done."
Andrew W. St Peters MO 2019

"Another critical camp is Laura Stamm Power Skating School. As a coach, I can say that the kids who attend this camp are easily distinguished from those who don't." "I can personally attest to the value of this camp. We could see the improvement in our players' skating skills when they took the ice every single day. The impact is huge."
Danny H. Newark, OH 2013

"This program, breaks the skating stride process down into individual aspects and every aspect was explained and worked on." "Many of my kids friends parents are only interested in what AAA team you play with and what tournaments they are doing during summer hockey. But as a former hockey player (one who was a strong skater) and as a coach, I look for the small things in the game and skater. Many of the "Good" players really can't skate that well. If I try to tell the parent that their son should really work on this skating technique, they kind of look at me funny and continue to remind me of how many goals they scored and which AAA team they wrote a check to so their son could play in so and so tournament."
Jeff C. St Cloud MN 2017

"Even though my son is a goalie, we see the importance of his ability to be one of the best skaters on the ice. This clinic is transferable to all types of play. "
Laura S. Superior, WI 2018

"Positive and encouraging attitude from coaches, helpful skill teaching and drills. Most of his clinics and training have been "do this, again, again" without explanation of how and why. My son was able to explain to me what he learned and why it's important to know and practice. "
Dennis E. Bloomington, IL 2015

"My daughter is playing in the AAA boys this year only because of her Skating thanks to your program."
Collin W. Kenora ON 2011

"One simple clinic and your instructors accomplished what my son's coaches and I have been trying to do forever, lengthen his stride for more power and speed! We skated for the first time since the clinic four days ago and everything they taught him has stuck. He almost beat me in a full lap race. He really dove into the corners with tight turns and a quick burst coming out from the net area."
David F. Columbus OH 2011

"Danielle has the technique down and is now working on gaining additional speed, however her coach was impressed when they had a scrimmage a couple of weeks ago and Danielle beat one of the better players in the Twin Cities to the puck from clear down at the other end of the ice. He pulled me aside after the scrimmage and asked what she had done over the summer to improve her speed and skating."
Cindy H. Bloomington MN 2009

"I need to tell you that I was very impressed with the number of instructors on the ice, their professionalism, and the progress that was made in a three day clinic. The Laura Stamm program is definitely something that I would like him to continue with."
Mike E. Monticello MN 2008

"I just wanted to write to Laura. Im a 24 year old professional hockey player from Trenton Michigan. When I was about 8-10 years old, I attended Laura Stamm's Power Skating Clinics. To this day, I take the ice with the strides she taught me, and how to use the power in my legs. I wanted to thank Laura, and because of her, I am playing at the Professional level. Thanks For Everything! "
Matt M, Evansville Icemen, AAHL

"Of all the camps our son has attended, the Laura Stamm power skating camp was the best money we have yet to spend.
I stayed at the rink and observed the camp all three days. While I was very pleased to see the skating stride broken down to the basic components, I worried it would become boring and my son would lose interest. However, he remained focused and I saw improvement every day. The instructors did an excellent job of explaining and demonstrating the stride as well as providing individual attention and instruction when needed. (The fact the instructors were all incredible skaters gave further value to what they were telling the kids)."
Mindy D. Muskegon MI Holiday Clinic 2006

" I have taken other since [Laura Stamm] clinics, one being a week long 4 hours on ice time and 4 hours off ice for a week. I wanted to let you know, the 6 hours from Laura Stamm have impacted my hockey abilities more than any clinics I have taken. Other clinic instructors have been very impressed with my skating abilities, and my teammates were shocked by my sudden increase in speed and skating."
Nicholas S. Peoria IL Clinic 2006

" The camp did an exceptional job of helping the kids, of all ages, understand the importance of proper skating skills, and how these techniques when practiced regularly will make them better hockey players. As the 3 day camp progressed I saw my son improve, and more importantly get excited about the different things the instructor's where teaching. " Troy S. HS Coach, Fond du Lac Clinic 2006

" I just wanted to say your camp was the best instruction we had all summer. My daughter is working your principles / instruction into her regular skating. If she can learn these fundamentals at an early age her stride will be sound for years to come!!! "
Brian G. Bloomington MN 2006

" My son said he learned how to skate backwards better and how to get more speed out of his moves. He said that he learned more in this program then any other clinics he has attended "
Sal M. Fraser MI 2006

" Alan gave excellent instruction. His abilities and knowledge are what we are all striving for. We had three students enrolled (all of different ability) and we all learned a great deal. "
Daniel W. Saginaw MI 2005

" My son thought the 4 day, 2 hour/day, clinic was the best learning experience he has had. He was nervous the first day, but had an absolute blast each day. He couldn't wait to get to the clinic each day and after the last night, he was seriously disappointed it was over. You challenged him, you wore him out and most importantly, he said you seriously improved his skills. " Brad C. Minneapolis 2005

"I just completed a 3-day Laura Stamm Power Skating clinic in Milwaukee and wanted to take the time to let you know how impressed I was with the leaders, Alan Noble and Brett Way. Not only did I learn many helpful new skating techniques, I was especially impressed with how professional the instructors handled themselves. Instructions and techniques were clearly explained, and both Brett and Alan showed a genuine interest in each skater's progress. I have been away from skating for ~25 years and was a bit concerned about "keeping up" with the younger players/participants. My concerns were unfounded!  Good job on recruiting these fine young men for your program."
Mindas S., Adult  Player, WI

"Great program; my son's improvement was immediate!" 
Parent, Rockford, IL. 

"The instructors ran the best skating school that I've seen in the last 25 years. They worked with each and every student. The one thing that was particularly outstanding was the attention the kids paid to the instructors. We purchased your book and video; we've watched the video many times already." 
Grandfather of J.D., Port Huron, MI. 

"Very well done. My son improved his stride considerably. Coaches noted improvement during his first game on 1-2-05."
Rich B., Joliet IL.

"My son Brett attended one of your programs and loved it. He loves playing hockey and is in his first season with the MOHA. When you see him now after only one session with you, well its like night and day. The transformation is very obvious and he no longer has to think about how to skate, he just does it ...with confidence. We (Brett and I) look forward to signing him up again, soon." 
Greg H., Canada

"This was my second time at a Laura Stamm clinic. I really liked it and my game has improved. It is well run and covers skating technique thoroughly. I will definitely attend another one."  Gabriel G., Player, Maplewood, NJ.

"I would like to say thank you for everyone's effort to make the experience a great one for my young son. He had a great time and even liked the toughest drills."  Mr. & Mrs, F., Hyannis, MA.

"I had a very good learning experience. When I did something wrong the staff helped me and my skating really improved. You will see me again next year."  Christina F., Wallingford, CT.

"I observed all four days of instruction in their entirety. Instructors were high energy and focused throughout the program. Many thanks." 
Gail L., Parent, Boston, MA.

"Wow! What a neat experience! I have been skating most of my life and no one is better at explaining and really teaching the mechanics of ice skating for hockey players. The four day program provided just the right amount of time to introduce and practice skills. It was smoothly run and professional from beginning to end."  Liz T., Player, Cortlandt Manor, NY.

"I loved the program and am looking forward to next year."  Robert H., Player, Tilton, NH.

"Matt had a really great weekend, and loved the clinic. I could really see a difference from one day to the next. Thank you very much! Looking forward to session # 2 sometime soon!"
 Ross A., Parent

"My son has learned more in three sessions of Laura Stamm power skating than he did all of last season with his hockey team. It's amazing to sit up in the stands and watch the kids improve as much as they did in just three sessions. Thanks for helping him with his skating and moreover, his confidence on the ice." Bob M., Ontario, Canada

"Laura:  I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for everything you and your program have done for me over the years. What you teach truly does work and it has allowed me to achieve the level of success I have. Once again thank you, and I look forward to seeing you in the future."  Ed S. Varsity college player, former student and recently certified Laura Stamm Instructor

"I look forward to my week at Laura Stamm Power Skating Camps every summer. I learn new things every time I go."   Kevin M. Belmont Hill High School Prep Player, Belmont Hill, MA.

"Steve, you take the time to explain the reason behind the techniques that you teach. Laura, it's great to see that after all these years you still take a great interest in who teaches your course and that you work with the kids with heart." Jim L., Parent, Burlington, Ontario

"I learned so much from your program - it helped me with things I never knew how to do. I also learned that to be a better skater it is more important to use good technique than power".  Jonathan P., Age 14, Chemsford, MA.

"Of all the hockey camps we put Brendan in, this was the most impressive. You provided so much individualized attention - he could not get away with any sloppy skating moves. We definitely want our son to attend more of your camps."  Sheila L., Parent, Lynnfield, MA

"I liked that we didn't use pucks until the last day so we could concentrate on skating."  Eliza F., Age 12.

"Your program provides a lot of direction and guidance. We have seen our son's skating improve drastically."  Debra M., Parent, Lexington, MA

"Overall, yours is a great program and concept. Hopefully the kids will take away what they learned. We believe you have helped make our son a better skater. Thank you."  Julie M., Parent, Cheshire, CT

"Great team of instructors - very motivated." 
Elena L., Parent, Coquiot, VA

"I particularly liked the emphasis on backward skating because I am a defenseman and need to skate backward. But I enjoyed the entire clinic and would absolutely come back." 
Todd D., Age 14, Hampden, MA

"Overall this is an excellent program. Hope that both Michael and I can move to the next level."  Mark S., Parent, Greenwich, CT

"This clinic was excellent! It far exceeded my expectations and I had heard wonderful comments."  Kathy L., Parent, Haverhill, MA

"Just wanted to say thanks. Deanna made the top team in Barracuda's at her age group. Her skating really showed. I want her to take another camp in August so she can get a good start on next season." Paul R., Burlington, Ontario, Canada May, 2003

"Hi, Laura:

Just wanted to forward a thank you from Doug (and me). He was so inspired by the energy and insight I brought home from your clinic that he took his hockey team back to the basics this last week. Doubtless, he can't cover all that you taught, but, hey, that is why you keep coming back to teach clinics.
Thanks again, Laura. I've got a tournament coming up in two weeks and am very excited to bend, extend and toe flick!" Erika and Doug R., Anchorage, Alaska, April, 2003

" I fully intend to keep the boys skating with you and would like when they are old and experienced enough to have them on ice with you as instructors.I only wish that I had had exposure and contact with you when I was a young hockey player as I'm sure my career would have greatly benefited from it." John G. - Former Assistant Men's Varsity Hockey Coach, Yale University

" I am a father of 3 boys and coach of 17, and I 'm teaching my kids the Stamm way. Thanks for the life long gift. Laura I'm almost 40 now, and I have had 6 knee operations, but because of the techniques I was able to obtain from your book, even today I still skate like I'm attached to a electronic rail system. I'm hoping to give some of the skills and sense of accomplishment to some of the player that I coach now." Jeff R. - Hockey player parent, coach

" My son, Christopher, attended your clinic last summer in Falmouth, ME.  His skating has improved tremendously and many of the other parents have noticed.  When I tell them about Laura Stamm they are immediately interested." Anne G. - ME

" My son completed one of your schools last summer. He is a jr. in high school and has played varsity at Bishop. Your school last year was amazing and he would like to attend another this summer." Ken N. - MA