On Ice Power Skating
For Hockey Players!

How to Choose the Right Session

A brief history…

The Laura Stamm Power Skating system is a comprehensive instruction system of techniques, drills, and methods developed by Laura Stamm in 1971. This program includes a curriculum designed for players with as little as one years’ experience up through professional hockey. Laura started the development of this system while working with the New York Rangers!

This power skating system cannot be presented all in one class and takes many years to master. So, a progressive skill testing system to rate players proficiency and progress and the corresponding clinics were created. Historically, the groups A and B clinics and the Elite Workshop covered the material, but time has shown that some students were left with great fundamental skills yet weren’t quite ready for the Elite clinic. Therefore, in 2024, we’ve introduced the Advanced Technique clinics. Groups A and B – now called Core Techniques – will retain the previous Groups A and B curriculum, while the Advanced Techniques clinics will overlap both Core Techniques and Elite Techniques clinics providing a much smoother progression through the entire Laura Stamm Power Skating system.

Which clinic is right for me?

There are many variables that can determine which clinic is appropriate, so, it's important to understand up front that there is overlap in these clinics so skaters may find themselves at an appropriate point for either clinic if they are in that overlap area. If you are unsure which of two clinics is appropriate you are likely in that overlap and either clinic would work. Here are some guidelines to use if you find yourself in that position:

  • Does the skater have the physical and mental maturity to enjoy the challenge of being in the upper clinic?
  • Is the skater older than the minimum age? and, how would they feel about participating with others older or younger than themselves?
  • Is the skater one of the better skaters at their age?
  • Which clinic will they enjoy the most? a skater that is more engaged and comfortable in a group will get more benefit from the clinic.

You can always reach out to us for a specific recommendation via the Contact Us page, or you can feel free to choose which clinic you think is the most appropriate. in either case, if you feel that you'd be better in a different group after the first session, talk to the instructor and we can work with you to get you in the right group.

Below is a description of each of the clinics, the material covered, the requirements and recommendations for attending, and the purpose of the clinics.

Core Techniques Clinic

This is our primary clinic that we’ve been running for over 50 years. Players will focus on proper technique and a strong foundation including knee bend, a full-length stride, and a full return. We start with a focus on skating slowly and correctly, then slowly, correctly, and powerfully. This can take many years to learn and master. All hockey players, regardless of skill level, need a solid foundation on skating technique, balance, and explosiveness, all of which are covered in the Core clinics.

This clinic is 6 hours on ice and covers the skills up to the Intermediate AA level skills test.
*Note: This is not a learn-to-skate program.

Recommended for all ages 7+ who want to improve their core skating skills, are new to Laura Stamm Power Skating, skaters up to age 13 playing house-level hockey, and adult novice league skaters.


  • Age 7+.
  • Players should have one or more years of hockey experience under their belt.
  • Be able to skate backward, perform forward crossovers in one direction, and hockey stops on one side.


  • Develop good skating habits such as a deep knee bend, a full-length stride, and powerful pushes.
  • Focus on core techniques of skating that can be adapted to in-game situations.
  • Gain a strong foundation to build on and progress into more advanced skills.

Advanced Techniques Clinic

This is designed for players who have a good base of proper skating technique, such as travel or high school players with a strong grasp of fundamentals to build on. Players will focus on developing the more difficult techniques that lead to agility, explosiveness, and top-end speed. This is appropriate for hockey players looking to take their stride, balance, and explosiveness to the next level.

This clinic is 6 hours on ice and covers the skills up to the Advanced AA level skills tests.

Recommended for skaters who want to develop more advanced skating skills, have previous experience with the Laura Stamm Power Skating system, or are playing at least at a travel hockey or intermediate adult league level that meet the recommended experience below.

Recommended Experience

  • Skaters with a LSPS instructor recommendation, or whom have passed the intermediate AA skills test should take this clinic.
  • Skaters age 11-13 with less experience or less developed power skating techniques should consider taking the core clinic.
  • Skaters below age 11 that attend should have the physical and mental maturity to enjoy the challenge of a tougher clinic.
  • Have strong fundamental power skating technique.
  • Can perform the maneuvers on the Intermediate AA test.
  • Skaters need to have the athleticism, strength, and conditioning to perform the more advanced maneuvers.
  • Played muliple years of hockey.
  • Previous experience with the Laura Stamm Power Skating system.


  • Develop powerful strides, top speed, agility, explosiveness.
  • Work on more in-game type skills.
  • Gain an advanced knowledge of skating technique and progress into elite skills.

Elite Techniques Clinic

This clinic is the pinnacle skating clinic for players and prospects of AAA, Junior A, and College level hockey with advanced power skating skills. Players will focus on some of the most demanding and athletic skills in the Laura Stamm Power Skating system. The focus is on explosiveness and mastering the techniques that will give you an edge at the highest levels of hockey.

This clinic is 8 hours on ice and covers the skills up to the Elite level skills tests.
*Note: This is not a conditioning camp, however, the techniques and drills are very demanding.

Recommended for dedicated, proficient, high-level skaters who want to push their skills to the limit; have a recommendation from a Laura Stamm instructor; or are playing at U14+ AAA, Junior A, or college level; or equivalent hockey that meet the recommended experience below.

Recommended Experience

  • Skaters with a LSPS instructor recommendation, or whom have passed the Advanced AA skills test should take this clinic.
  • Skaters below age 15 should consider the Advanced Techniques clinic.
  • Skaters 15+ with the experience below should consider this clinic.
  • Driven hockey players trying to make it to the next level.
  • AAA, Junior A, college, or equivalent players and prospective players.
  • Can perform the maneuvers on the Advanced AA skills test.


  • Build an incredibly strong foundation and improve the way you skate and give you an edge at the highest levels of hockey.
  • Develop explosive acceleration and powerful strides to increase your top-end speed.
  • Develop agility and mobility with balance, power, and speed.
  • Gain an elite knowledge of skating techniques and drills to continue to hone your skills.
*Note: Players cannot become great skaters in just a few days, they need to practice and master each technique throughout the year. Our clinics are designed to provide knowledge and drills to use outside of the clinics.

Most of our instructors have taken the Elite clinic multiple times, and it shows!