On Ice Power Skating
For Hockey Players!

Power Skating designed to improve speed and mobility

Laura Stamm Power Skating is designed to improve the speed and mobility of hockey players of all ages and abilities. Our Power Skating Schools include 3-5 day skating clinics and skating camps, advanced clinics, skating lessons and elite power skating workshops for players as well as skating clinics for hockey coaches and officials. The skating skills and skating drills are all hockey specific.

Since 1970 Laura Stamm and her team of certified instructors have trained hockey players throughout the world. Her power skating techniques are proven by the pros, and have improved the speed, efficiency, and overall skating technique of thousands of pro, amateur and recreational hockey players.

Laura's teaching system has been chosen by professional hockey teams including: The Los Angeles Kings, New York Rangers, New York Islanders, New Jersey Devils, the German and Swedish National Teams, the Finnish Ice Hockey Federation, and many more. Luc Robitaille of the Los Angeles Kings says, "Laura's skating instruction helped get me into the NHL."

Laura has written four books and has produced several instructional videos on her hockey skating techniques. She also writes hockey skating tips that appear in hockey publications throughout the US and Canada.