On Ice Power Skating
For Hockey Players!

Laura's Letter to All Hockey Players

Laura Stamm

Wayne Gretzky has said, "If you can’t skate, you can’t play our sport. Skating is an art."

Skating, or SPEED, IS THE NAME OF THE GAME. Without good technique, it is very difficult for any hockey player to reach his or her optimum potential for speed.

Laura Stamm Power Skating is the finest technique training program in the world. The entire focus of the program is to teach SPEED, ACCELERATION AND MOBILITY by teaching HOW TO CORRECTLY EXECUTE every possible hockey maneuver. We don’t just tell you to GO. We teach you HOW TO GO!! Speed on straightaways, accelerating the corners, explosive starts, backward maneuverability, quickness and rapid transition - all are taught in a step by step, progressive sequence that is made simple to learn and easy to remember.

Laura Stamm is the Pioneer

Laura Stamm is the avowed pioneer, originator, and authority on power skating. She has written three books which are the benchmark on hockey skating techniques. Her System is world renowned and proven by the hundreds of pros who credit their success to her teaching techniques.

Pros taught by Laura Stamm include: Doug Brown, Ken Daneyko, Dave Gagner, Grant Ledyard, Luc Robitaille, Greg Brown, Eric Desjardins, Ted Drury, Larry Murphy, Darryl Shannon, Terry Carkner, Kevin Dineen, Adam Graves, John MacLean, Bryan McCabe, Rob Niedermayer, Scott Niedermayer, Scott Young, Sylvain Couturier, Steve Duchesne, Kris King, Darren McCarty, Paul Ysebaert, Barry Richter, and hundreds of others.

Here’s what parents say:
"What keeps Laura Stamm Power Skating at the forefront is that Laura is still the innovator. Her programs are always on the cutting edge, leaving the others to follow in her blade marks. Her most recent innovation is to incorporate practice techniques to prevent spinal cord injuries."

Don’t think you can learn everything in one shot. Like going to school, it takes years to excel in a sport. So it does for skating as well. Our program is a process! First, we teach CORRECTLY. The next step is correctly, powerfully. The next step is correctly, powerfully, quickly. The next step is correctly, powerfully, quickly, with the puck. The final step is correctly, powerfully, quickly, with the puck and in game situations with lots of pressure. This is TOUGH. It takes years of work and years of practice to master all these skills at top speed under pressure.

So give the PROS a lot of credit. They’re truly great.

by Laura Stamm