On Ice Power Skating
For Hockey Players!

Test Elite Skater

Elite Skater

This is the final test given and because of its difficult nature, it can only be given by certain instructors and is only given privately.

  • Forward lateral mobility with puck
  • Skate forward, jump over stick, land on toe, accelerate forward.
    • frontal position, with puck.
    • crossover position, without puck.
  • Stops and starts with puck. All starts must have four steps on toes
  • Backward crossovers, slow to fast- both directions
  • Bulling (protecting puck), both sides
  • Forward crossovers, slow to fast, accelerate around corners, with puck
  • Tight turns, figure 8's, exit tight turn accelerating with crossover start on toes. Without, then with puck
  • Shooting off inside edges.
  • Transition - forward to backward, backward to forward: F to far blue line, turn B. B to near blue line, turn F. Skate to far end. Two times, both sides.
  • Transition - B to F, F to B: Start in corners: 3 strides B, turn F. 3 strides F, turn B. Repeat and end up at far end in opposite corner.Both sides.
  • Windmill turns, both sides.

These techniques are reserved for our Advanced and Elite clinics. The transitions and tight turns are also taught at our 8 hour clinics. To view some of these techniques click Clips or to purchase a Video or DVD click  Merchandise.