On Ice Power Skating
For Hockey Players!

Clinic Outline

Techniques commonly covered in a basic/intermediate Clinic:

Focus is on developing a strong basis of proper skating technique.

This is not a conditioning clinic. Our focus is on developing proper skating technique and teaching the players the concepts behind the techniques so they can better understand the system. We start by slowing the players down and teaching them the correct way of skating. Then we bring the player back up to speed. We may add in a puck, and put them into game type situations at the instructors discretion or at the Elite Workshop. The The players will develop a Longer stride, use Less energy, and will be able to skate Faster!

I usually start off the first session by working on forward and backward skating. The reason for this is because the rest of the clinic builds off of techniques that are covered within these two basic techniques.

  • Forward skating.
    • Deep knee bend.
    • Edge control.
      • Inside edges
      • Outside edges
      • Flat part of the blade (neither edge)
    • Length of stride
      • Full extension
      • Toe flick
      • Full return
    • Proper arm swing
  • Backward Skating (C-cut push)
    • Deep knee bend.
    • Full extension and locking the leg
    • Full return.
    • Correct ankle pivot
    • Weight transfer or getting most power out of push
  • Forward Crossovers
    • Strong knee bend
    • Strong edge control
    • Correct use of body positioning and body weight
    • Stride push and X-push
      • Full extension
      • Toe flick
      • Correct use of balance and blade position (blade parallel to ice surface)
  • Backward Crossovers
    • Deep knee bend
    • Strong edge control
    • Correct use of body positioning and body weight
    • C-cut push
      • Full extension
      • Weight distribution or putting all weight on pushing foot
      • Full return
    • X-push
      • Full extension
      • Toe flick
      • Correct balance, blade parallel to ice on follow through
    • Correct balance, blade parallel to ice on follow through
      • Using power from both feet for the first push
  • Explosive Starts, Forward Toe Starts
    • Starting position
      • Wide V-diamond
      • Deep knee bend
      • Strong inside edge of toes
      • Foot positioning inside the skate
    • Weight over pushing foot
    • Explosive pushes
      • Explode or leap out with one skate to full extension
      • Land on toe of other skate and push again
    • Body positioning
  • Explosive Starts, Backward Crossover Start
    • Body positioning
    • Strong pushes
    • Quick pushes
    • Full extension
    • Powerful pushes
  • Lateral Mobility
    • Going far laterally or to the sides
    • Full extension on all pushes
    • Leap out or getting extra extension on last push
    • Weight distribution on blade of skates
    • Quicker pushes and quicker laterally
  • Skating with pucks if introduced by the intructor
    • Same technique
    • Edge control.
      • Getting full arm swings
      • One hand arm swing
      • Keeping puck away from body
      • Keeping control of puck
    • Same stride as without the puck.

    The above is offered to you as guideline only. The actual order and the skills presented will vary based on the instructors assessment of the skill level of the players. The instructor may skip over some parts in order to focus on skills that need more work or may present additional material not covered above.

    by Alan Noble, Instructor Team Trainer