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Please go to the Contact Us button in the Customer Services Menu Just above the web page on the right hand side. Thanks.

I ordered a Mini Lesson and I can't find it to Down Load?

You must be signed into the site to down load the file. Sign in is located just above the top of the web page. Then go to the "Your Account"section by clicking the Your Account button just above the top of the web page next to the Sign In button. Click on your order "Details" to view your order. Then click the down load button.

I placed my order with incorrect credit card information. Should I reenter my order?

No! Do not resubmit the order. Our system has a fraud check. It will reject your second order, even if the information is entered correctly the second time. It will work again after a specified time has passed. Just call us or wait for us to call you. You still have a spot reserved for our clinic.

If you want to delete the order before you click the place order button, click on the shopping cart at the top of the page. The X to the right of your order will delete it.

Is my Credit Card Information Safe?

There is no absolute security these days so we do not store Credit Card numbers or Expiration Dates in our database. When your order is completed, all your Credit Card numbers are converted to Zeros. All Credit Card Information is encripted on our site and it is all placed in a secure area on our site. If you check your copy of the order you will see the last 4 digits of your Credit Card number are Zeros. If your Credit Card is declined for any reason, our system will store your encrypted Credit Card number and expiration date until we solve the problem. Then it will be converted to Zeros. If you cancel an order or are given an adjustment, we will send you a check. If you owe us some money and want to pay by credit card, call us with your Credit Card information.

It doesn't go anywhere when I click Place Order.

There are several things that could be wrong.

  1. Look for error messages.  There may be a red or grey message box. Also make sure you checked the Aggree to Terms check box at the bottom of your order.
  2. Make sure all the address information  is correct. Make sure the Country is correct.
  3. If you are signing on from you computer at work, or are useing Windows XP and have secruity enabled, the fire wall may be blocking  your transfer to our Secure Socket.
  4. If you are accessing our site from a Dial Up connection, your browser may be timeing out before the information has been transfered. Basically after you hit the continue button the computer will process for a fairly long time, then bring you back where you were before you input the information with no error messages. The best thing to do is try again earlier or later during the non prime time for your internet provider or call. We can input your information on this end.

If you continue to need help, give us a call 800-320-9558


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